1. How do I subscribe to Noatel services?
You can activate a Noatel service from your mobile, going to each service WAP home page or to other promotion WAP pages.

2. I noticed I have an active subscription service, but I can’t remember how and when I subscribed.
In most cases, Noatel services are promoted through display banners ADV campaigns on mobile devices. You clicked on an ADV banner that led you to a subscription service page containing the service description beside the service use terms and conditions. The service is activated only after clicking on the purchase confirmation button where the cost and the SIM charge frequency is shown. Any service can be activated without the user request.

3. Why is the cost of a subscription purchased by clicking on the activation confirmation button automatically charged on my mobile SIM card?
Noatel, in agreement with mobile operators, starts an automatic SIM number reading process and every week charges on such mobile the cost of the required service.

4. How can I deactivate a subscription service?
Noatel services can be deactivated by clicking on the “off” button in the deactivation link at the bottom of each service WAP page. In case of difficulty you can still call the customer service +39.0910845217 available from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM, asking for the immediate deactivation. You can also send a deactivation email request by clicking here.

5. How can I use the services I wanted to subscribe to?
From your device, just type the mobile WAP address of the active service; the same where you subscribed.

6. Why can’t I find the service I subscribed to among Noatel services list or calling the call centre?
Very often we receive deactivation requests from users who have activated a subscription service that is not owned by Noatel. Before you call Noatel customer service, we advise you to check the ownership on our web page or on the welcome SMS you received.

7. How can I deactivate a subscription service charged on table or pc flash drive?
The deactivation process is the same as the one introduced in question #4.